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Grays Subbasin Summary

The Grays River subbasin includes the Grays River and other tributaries to Grays Bay, including the basins of Deep Creek and Crooked Creek. The Grays River originates in southeast Pacific County, flows southwest through Wahkiakum County, and enters the Columbia River estuary at river mile (RM) 21 near Oneida, Washington. Tidal influence extends upriver for 6 miles. The entire basin encompasses 124 mi2. Principal tributaries include Hull Creek, and the East, West, North and South Forks.

Approximately 95% of the subbasin is forested. Commercial timber companies own 73% of the subbasin; 3% is in agriculture, 4% is rural residential development, and 19% is non-industrial forestland (CCD/WCD data). State ownership comprises the bulk of the remaining lands. The only population centers are the unincorporated towns of Grays River, Rosburg, and Chinook. Potential natural vegetation includes western hemlock, western red cedar, Sitka spruce, and Douglas fir. Much of the basin has been impacted by timber harvest and is primarily composed of young forest stands. The State of Washington owns, and the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) manages the beds of all navigable waters within the subbasin. Any proposed use of those lands must be approved in advance by the DNR. Approximately 500 acres of land in the lower Grays River have been acquired by the Columbia Land Trust for protection of natural resources.

Source: Lower Columbia Province Plan

Status and Trends of Focal Species in Grays Subbasin

    No focal species exist for this subbasin.
Hatcheries located in Grays Subbasin
**Hatchery data will be updated in 2016**

   There are no hatcheries located in this subbasin.
Hatchery Releases and Returns to Grays Subbasin
No hatchery releases and/or returns for subbasin.
Recovery Status for ESA-Listed Salmon and Steelhead in the Grays Subbasin369

Updated : 5/27/2010

Species Population Abundance Threshold Mean Abundance Major Spawning Area Growth Rate Recruits / Spawners Current Viability
Fall Chinook Grays River 530 <50 -- -- -- Very Low
Coho Grays River 2,290 <50 -- -- -- Very Low
Chum Grays River -- 1,600 -- -- -- Medium
Limiting Factors in the Grays Subbasin 362