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Redband Trends (Draft)

Upper Columbia Geographic Unit

Historical Stream Miles Occupied: 1,313

For the Upper Columbia Geographic Unit, researchers have estimated that 1,313 miles of streams are occupied by redband trout in the geographic unit.

Currently, adfluvial, fluvial, and resident life history strategies are expressed by redband trout in the Upper Columbia Geographic Unit. Managers believe the adfluvial/fluvial forms of redband trout in this geographic unit originated from anadromous steelhead.

Historically, resident redband/rainbow trout were present in 72 of the 98 delineated reaches and watersheds in the Upper Columbia River section of the geographic unit. Currently, resident redband/rainbow trout are distributed in 74 areas. Adfluvial redband/rainbow trout are currently present in 32 of the 98 delineated areas within the the section.

For the Sanpoil section, adfluvial redband trout were historically distributed in 41of 69 delineated areas. Adfluvial redband trout are currently present in 35 of the delineated reaches and watersheds within the section. Resident redband trout are present in 62 of the 69 delineated watersheds.

Habitat degradation/loss, water quality, water quantity, connectivity, and non-native species are limiting redband trout in the Upper Columbia Geographic Unit.

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