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Redband Trends (Draft)

Kootenai-Pend Oreille-Spokane Geographic Unit

Historical Stream Miles Occupied: 1,111

For the Kootenai-Pend Oreille-Spokane Geographic Unit, researchers have estimated that 1,111 miles of streams are occupied by redband trout in the geographic unit.

The status of Columbia River redband trout populations in the Montana portion of the Kootenai Geographic Unit has been categorized as stable; whereas, little is known about the status redband trout populations in the Idaho portion of the geographic unit.

Redband trout are present or suspected to exist throughout the Spokane Geographic Unit. Despite a widespread distribution, the status of the subspecies is unknown. The degree of introgression of coastal rainbow and resident redband trout is currently unknown for the geographic unit; however, it is likely that introgression is extensive due to stocking practices dating back to the 1930s. The carrying capacity and potential productivity for redband/rainbow trout populations are not known.

Limiting factors for redband trout in the geographic unit include degraded habitat, water quality, water quantity (flows), and non-native species

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