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Spring/Summer Chinook

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Spring/Summer Chinook is an anadromous fish species, and has been named as a focal species by subbasin planners in 1 subbasin. Status and trends data are available for this species in 1 subbasin. Spring/Summer Chinook is Federally protected in 1 subbasin. No biological objectives have been set for this focal species in the Columbia River Basin.

Spring/summer Chinook are found in the Snake River and tributaries. They enter streams relatively early in the year, and spawn in the mainstem of larger rivers and streams in fall. After hatching, spring/summer Chinook tend to stay in streams for a year before migrating to the ocean.

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Focal species represent the fish species that the subbasin planners have identified as focal species for the respective subbasin. The biological objectives associated with a focal species were either described in the subbasin plan or were included in state, tribal, or federal recovery/management plans. Biological objectives and current status are linked to their respective reference information; if the reference exists on-line, a link is provided to the original data.

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Blue Mountain Province

Snake Hells Canyon Subbasin
Species ESU MPG Population Biological Objective (s) Biological Status Federal Status Data / Charts
Spring/Summer Chinook Snake River      Subbasin Plan Objective :
4-6% smolt to adult return (SAR) rates to Lower Granite Dam292
Adult Counts (Lower Granite Dam)
2017: 36,309 adults 60
Threatened Status & Trends