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Brook Trout

Brook Trout is a resident fish species, and has been named as a focal species by subbasin planners in 1 subbasin. 1 subbasin has no data available. Brook Trout is not a Federally protected species. No biological objectives have been set for this focal species in the Columbia River Basin.

Brook trout are a non-native trout introduced in the late 1800's to duplicate their popularity in the eastern United States. Like bull trout, brook trout are char and spawn in the fall. Brook trout hybridize with native bull trout, and may also be a threat to native cutthroat and rainbow trout because of their highly aggressive nature and slightly larger size as fry.

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Focal species represent the fish species that the subbasin planners have identified as focal species for the respective subbasin. The biological objectives associated with a focal species were either described in the subbasin plan or were included in state, tribal, or federal recovery/management plans. Biological objectives and current status are linked to their respective reference information; if the reference exists on-line, a link is provided to the original data.

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Mountain Snake Province

Clearwater Subbasin
Species ESU MPG Population Biological Objective (s) Biological Status Federal Status Data / Charts
Brook Trout       Subbasin Plan Objective :
Occur throughout subbasin Not Listed No Data