Hatchery Detail


Name : Bonneville Hatchery
Province : Lower Columbia Longitude : -121.955944
Subbasin : Columbia Lower Latitude : 45.632263
Operating Agency : ODFW
Funding Source : NMFS, USACE (Mitchell Act)
Description : Bonneville Hatchery, constructed in 1909, was originally funded by the State of Oregon. In 1957, the facility was remodeled and expanded as part of the Columbia River Fisheries Development Program (Mitchell Act). The hatchery underwent another renovation in 1974 as part of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer's mitigation of fish losses from the construction of the John Day Dam.
Releases & Returns
Hatchery releases of anadromous fish, within the geographic range of an ESU/DPS, are listed accordingly.
Province Subbasin Species ESU/DPS Released
in 2009
Returns to Collection
Facility in 2009
Data as of
Columbia Estuary Columbia Estuary Coho Lower Columbia River Coho ESU 1,227,480 58,137 8 / 30 / 2010
Columbia Estuary Columbia Estuary Fall Chinook Lower Columbia River Chinook ESU 4,568,846 19,470 8 / 30 / 2010
Columbia Estuary Columbia Estuary Rainbow Trout 2,208 8 / 30 / 2010
Hatchery Program Reviews
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2.Grande Ronde Captive Brood Spring Chinook
3.Lostine Captive Brood Spring Chinook
4.Ringold Fall Chinook
5.SAFE Tanner Creek Hatchery Coho
6.URB Hatchery Fall Chinook
7.Coho Integrated
8.Fall Chinook Integrated
9.Bonneville Hatchery Coho
10.Bonneville Hatchery Fall Chinook
11.Skamania Summer Steelhead
12.Winter Steelhead Integrated
13.Clackamas Hatchery Summer Steelhead
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3.Bonneville Coho
4.Bonneville Upriver Bright (URB) Fall Chinook
5.Clackamas River (Wild) Winter Steelhead Program
6.Clackamas River Summer Steelhead Program
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