Hatchery Detail


Name : Umatilla Hatchery
Province : Columbia Plateau Longitude : -119.574211
Subbasin : Columbia Lower Middle Latitude : 45.920727
Operating Agency : ODFW
Funding Source : BPA
Description : Umatilla Hatchery (part of the Irrigon/Umatilla complex), located near Irrigon, Oregon on the Columbia River, was authorized under the Northwest Power Planning Council's Fish and Wildlife Program and began operation in 1991 through funding provided by Bonneville Power Administration. The hatchery is used for egg incubation and rearing of spring Chinook, fall Chinook, and summer steelhead for release into the Umatilla River. Satellite facilities provide for broodstock collection and adult holding as well as juvenile acclimation.
Releases & Returns
Hatchery releases of anadromous fish, within the geographic range of an ESU/DPS, are listed accordingly.
Province Subbasin Species ESU/DPS Released
in 2009
Returns to Collection
Facility in 2009
Data as of
Columbia Plateau Umatilla Fall Chinook 807,305 8 / 30 / 2010
Columbia Plateau Umatilla Summer Steelhead Middle Columbia River Steelhead DPS 84,131 8 / 30 / 2010
Middle Snake Snake Lower Middle Fall Chinook Snake River Fall Chinook ESU 803,485 8 / 30 / 2010
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