Hatchery Detail


Name : Cowlitz Trout Hatchery
Province : Lower Columbia Longitude : -122.72702
Subbasin : Cowlitz Latitude : 46.487686
Operating Agency : WDFW
Funding Source : Tacoma Public Utilities
Description : Cowlitz Trout Hatchery, located on the Cowlitz River about 42 miles above the river mouth, began operation in 1967 as a mitigation facility for dams blocking the Cowlitz River. The goal of the hatchery is to produce adult winter steelhead, summer steelhead, and sea-run cutthroat for sport fisheries. The Cowlitz Trout Hatchery is owned by Tacoma Power and operated by WDFW.
Releases & Returns
Hatchery releases of anadromous fish, within the geographic range of an ESU/DPS, are listed accordingly.
Province Subbasin Species ESU/DPS Released
in 2009
Returns to Collection
Facility in 2009
Data as of
Lower Columbia Cowlitz Coastal Cutthroat 160,442 2,971 8 / 30 / 2010
Lower Columbia Cowlitz Summer Steelhead Lower Columbia River Steelhead DPS 466,489 1,623 8 / 30 / 2010
Lower Columbia Cowlitz Winter Steelhead Lower Columbia River Steelhead DPS 797,483 1,313 8 / 30 / 2010
Hatchery Program Reviews
1.Grays Deep River Spring Chinook
2.Chambers Hatchery Early Winter Steelhead
3.Late Winter Steelhead
1.Cowlitz River Sea-Run Cutthroat