Hatchery Detail


Name : South Santiam Hatchery
Province : Lower Columbia Longitude : -122.671768
Subbasin : Willamette Latitude : 44.415424
Operating Agency : ODFW
Funding Source : USACE, State of Oregon (General Fund)
Description : South Santiam Hatchery, located on the South Santiam River just downstream from Foster Dam, is funded by the state of Oregon and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (COE). The COE's obligation is to mitigate for fish losses caused by development of Foster and Green Peter dams. It rears both spring Chinook and summer steelhead for release into the S. Santiam River. Returning adults are trapped at Foster Dam from April to September.
Releases & Returns
Hatchery releases of anadromous fish, within the geographic range of an ESU/DPS, are listed accordingly.
Province Subbasin Species ESU/DPS Released
in 2009
Returns to Collection
Facility in 2009
Data as of
Lower Columbia Willamette Rainbow Trout 2,969 8 / 30 / 2010
Lower Columbia Willamette Spring Chinook Upper Willamette River Chinook ESU 761,676 2,762 8 / 30 / 2010
Lower Columbia Willamette Summer Steelhead Upper Willamette River Steelhead DPS 148,126 5,420 8 / 30 / 2010
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