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Upper Mid-Columbia Management Unit Trends

Information and data adapted from Parker, B., T, Rien, B. James, R. Beamesderfer. 2013. Review Draft Columbia Basin White Sturgeon Planning Framework. Portland, Or.

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Upper Mid-Columbia management unit Priest Rapids subpopulationWanapum subpopulationRock Island subpopulationRocky Reach subpopulationWells subpopulationRufus subpopulation
White sturgeon in the Upper Middle Columbia River Management Unit exist in six isolated subpopulations. Because spawning and/or recruitment is minimal to nonexistent throughout this management unit, all of the subpopulations are considered to be declining or possibly stable at a low level.

Although enough data exist for managers and researchers to assess the general abundance and productivity of the white sturgeon subpopulations in the Upper Middle Columbia Management Unit, it remains unknown what is limiting reproduction and recruitment. Monitoring has revealed that spawning is occurring; however, juvenile survival during the first year has been poor. To protect the existing population, current regulations prohibit angling for white sturgeon in the Upper Mid-Columbia Management Unit.

Potential factors contributing to the poor survival include river regulation, inundation of historical spawning and rearing habitats, water quality issues, fish community changes (increases in native and non-native predators), and population fragmentation.