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Middle Snake Management Unit Trends

Information and data adapted from Parker, B., T, Rien, B. James, R. Beamesderfer. 2013. Review Draft Columbia Basin White Sturgeon Planning Framework. Portland, Or.

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Middle Snake Management Unit Lower Granite - Hells Canyon subpopulation
The Middle Snake White Sturgeon Management Unit contains the productive and self-sustaining subpopulation inhabiting the area between Lower Granite and Hells Canyon dams. The subpopulation’s status (i.e., stable to increasing) can be partially attributed to catch-and-release regulations that were adopted in the early-1970s. Since then, the population has responded positively as evidenced by an increasing abundance. Results from monitoring studies suggest positive and consistent recruitment has existed through the years, unlike the situation for most of the other Columbia River Basin white sturgeon subpopulations. Subsequently, Idaho Department of Fish and Game has identified the subpopulation as a core conservation population.

Despite the positive abundance and productivity levels, habitat fragmentation, habitat diversity/quantity/quality, flows, and water quality impairments prevent the subpopulation from expanding and maintaining abundance and productivity levels that would support harvest.

Although catch-and-release fishing is allowed, harvest of fish from this subpopulation is prohibited.