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Wanapum Subpopulation Status and Trends

Golder Associates Ltd. 2003. White sturgeon investigations in Priest Rapids and the Wanapum reservoirs on the Middle Columbia River, Washington. Report (Golder 002-8817F) to the Public Utility District No. 2 of Grant County, Wenatchee, Washington.

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Monitoring of the Wanapum white sturgeon subpopulation has been limited. A 2002 survey resulted in a population estimate of 551 white sturgeon. During this survey, 20% of the white sturgeon that were collected were juveniles, suggesting that natural recruitment or the addition of juveniles from upstream reservoirs is occurring in Wanapum Reservoir.


* Abundance was not estimated for years without data.


No data available at this time.


No data available at this time.

Hatchery Releases


There is no harvest since catch-and-release regulations are in effect for this subpopulation.

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