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Lower Granite - Hells Canyon Subpopulation Status and Trends

Information and data adapted from Parker, B., T, Rien, B. James, R. Beamesderfer. 2013. Review Draft Columbia Basin White Sturgeon Planning Framework. Portland, Or.

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The Lower Granite-Hells Canyon white sturgeon subpopulation is a productive, self-sustaining population that the Idaho Department of Fish and Game manages as a core conservation population. The most recent population assessment occurred in 2000, at which time the population was estimated at 3,625 white sturgeon (fish > 28 inches) equating to a density of 17). The assessment in 2000, as well as prior surveys dating back to 1972, indicated that recruitment has been consistent through the years which has led to a healthy population structure (i.e., stock structure dominated by juveniles, wide range of sizes, and stages of maturity from immature juveniles to reproductive adults).
Although recruitment is consistent, the current density of 17 white sturgeon/km is significantly less than the IDFG’s goal of 32 fish/km. Also, given the uncertainty of the overall abundance trend since 2000, the IDFG continues to implement a conservative approach relative to harvest management. To continue to protect the healthy population structure and approach the density goal, sport angling is limited to catch-and-release fishing.


* Monitoring did not occur during years for which data do not exist.


No data available at this time.


No data available at this time.


There is no harvest since catch-and-release regulations are in effect for this subpopulation.

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