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C.J. Strike-Bliss Subpopulation Status and Trends

Dillon, J. and S.A. Grunder. 2008. Management plan for the conservation of Snake River white sturgeon in Idaho. Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Boise, ID.

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The white sturgeon subpopulation between C.J. Strike and Bliss dams is considered by mangers as the most abundant and productive population upstream from Hells Canyon Dam. In 1981, it was estimated that 2,192 white sturgeon (>24 inches) were present in the C.J. Strike Dam to Bliss Dam reach. Assessments performed in 1993 indicated that the estimated abundance of white sturgeon ( >24 inches) had increased to 2,662. By 2006, it was estimated that the population had expanded to 3,013 white sturgeon (>32 inches).

Although monitoring has indicated that white sturgeon are reproducing successfully and that the population is growing, recruitment is variable and closely correlated with Snake River flows during the spring months. Normal or above normal spring run-off, which creates favorable hydrologic conditions during spring months, leads to favorable hydrologic conditions during spawning months. Years characterized by poor recruitment were years during which Snake River flows were below normal.


* Monitoring did not occur during years for which data do not exist.


No data available at this time.


No data available at this time.

Hatchery Releases

No releases


There is no harvest since catch-and-release regulations are in effect for this subpopulation.

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