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Bliss-Lower Salmon Falls Subpopulation Status and Trends

Dillon, J. and S.A. Grunder. 2008. Management plan for the conservation of Snake River white sturgeon in Idaho. Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Boise, ID.

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A 1981 assessment of white sturgeon in the Bliss Dam to Lower Salmon Falls area of the Snake River led to managers describing the subpopulation as depressed and lacking recent recruitment. In 1993, managers were successful in collecting 5 wild white sturgeon, as well as an additional 33 hatchery-origin fish. A 2004 survey resulted in the collection of 9 wild fish and 35 white sturgeon having originated from a hatchery. From the 2004 population assessment, managers estimated that 83 white sturgeon greater than 28 inches were present. Because of the limited natural recruitment, managers have suggested that restoring an abundant self-sustaining population does not appear feasible under the existing conditions.


* Monitoring did not occur during years for which data do not exist.


No data available at this time.


No data available at this time.

Hatchery Releases


There is no harvest since catch-and-release regulations are in effect for this subpopulation.

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