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Lower Salmon Falls-Upper Salmon Falls Subpopulation Status and Trends

Dillon, J. and S.A. Grunder. 2008. Management plan for the conservation of Snake River white sturgeon in Idaho. Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Boise, ID.

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Due to the absence of spawning habitat and conditions that are ideal for egg and larval drift through Lower Salmon Falls Dam, the establishment of a self-sustaining white sturgeon population between Lower and Upper Salmon Falls dams is unlikely. Although there may be an opportunity to develop a sport fishery using hatchery-reared white sturgeon, a stocking program would not be initiated until a thorough evaluation is conducted to ensure there would be no risks to downstream white sturgeon populations.


* Monitoring did not occur during years for which data do not exist.


No data available at this time.


No data available at this time.

Hatchery Releases

No releases


There is no harvest since catch-and-release regulations are in effect for this subpopulation.

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